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DecWOOD composite wood mouldings

for kitchens, furniture, fit-out and high end joinery projects


DecWOOD Mouldings


Since we first entered the furniture industry over 50 years ago, our DecWOOD composite mouldings have become renowned as high quality and superior alternative to timber components.


Containing a blend of carefully selected wood flours, the unique composite captures the exact texture and detail of real timber, whilst offering savings in time and cost over real wood, and can be used both externally and internally.​

Large Stock Range 


Our comprehensive stock range is used extensively in the kitchen trade, fire surround and bespoke furniture and luxury joinery markets.


Browse the full range of corbels, capitals, shelf brackets, columns and pilasters, patraes, strip mouldings and door glazing panels here, but please do call if you have any questions.​




Exquisitely carved and sculpted finials now grace the roof lanterns of many orangeries, garden buildings, greenhouses and prestigious buildings.


The DecWOOD copies not only saved considerable time and money but they proved to offer a much greater weather resilience and durability.​

Moulding Craftsmanship


Linear Mouldings



Intricately carved linear strip mouldings form a huge part of our production as they are used extensively in panelled interiors and many high class joinery projects.


We often carve an original master pattern to the exact specification as provided by the designer, usually surprising the client with our ability to produce huge volumes in a very small time frame.​

Corbels & Capitals



Corbels and capitals are frequently used in bespoke internal and external  joinery projects including furniture, shop and bar fronts.


 DecWOOD is perfectly suited to producing these, at a small fraction of the cost of carving by hand and providing a level of consistency that cannot easily be achieved in wood.​

Patraes & Roundels



Patraes, roundels and other small embellishments can be produced extremely efficiently in DecWOOD, for both large and small volume requirements. All of our mouldings are finished with perfectly flat backs making efficient assembly with minimal, or even no gap filling.

Restoration of large hotel building damaged by fire​

In this project we had to retrieve many original items in various states of damage, repairing where necessary and taking production moulds so that many duplicate copies could be provided as required. In one of the panelled rooms alone, over 48 of these corbels were required, as only three originals remained after the fire.​

Renovation of a substantial period private residence​

Client required six replacement staircase bannister spindles as the originals were missing. The DecWOOD copies were absolutely perfect and replicated all of the detail yet as they were so inexpensive the client purchased four spares, in case any of the originals broke in the future.​

Large new build orangery to match existing period details​

Client required 20 large capitals for their new orangery, but had to match the details that were already present on the main house, albeit to a totally different proportion. Our carver re-scaled this from the photograph and produced a master pattern for us to replicate in DecWOOD.​


Restoration and Refurbishment


Typical DecWOOD Bespoke Applications


DecWOOD is widely used in private , commercial and listed properties including those of The National Trust, English Heritage and the Crown Estates. 



Curved Pelmets 



Curved pelmet corners are simple in DecWOOD, whereas this part can be extremely expensive in timber and presents many problems with matching existing linear profiles.


Once we have the perfect mould you can relax knowing that each and every DecWOOD moulding will be identical.

Corbels & Shelf Brackets



Corbels and shelf brackets offer the ideal surface ready for your desired finish.


Cracks, knots and laminated lines are all history with every DecWOOD moulding finished perfectly.



DecWOOD is very durable and can be:


  • Stained
  • Waxed & Lacquered
  • Painted
  • Screwed
  • Pinned
  • Drilled
  • Sawn
  • Bent when gently warmed 

With DecWOOD there is no:


  • Knots to seal
  • End grain
  • Denibbing to do
  • Warping
  • Splits and unwanted blemishes​


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