Restoration of large hotel building damaged by fire​

In this project we had to retrieve many original items in various states of damage, repairing where necessary and taking production moulds so that many duplicate copies could be provided as required. In one of the panelled rooms alone, over 48 of these corbels were required, as only three originals remained after the fire.​

Renovation of a substantial period private residence​

Client required six replacement staircase bannister spindles as the originals were missing. The DecWOOD copies were absolutely perfect and replicated all of the detail yet as they were so inexpensive the client purchased four spares, in case any of the originals broke in the future.​

Large new build orangery to match existing period details​

Client required 20 large capitals for their new orangery, but had to match the details that were already present on the main house, albeit to a totally different proportion. Our carver re-scaled this from the photograph and produced a master pattern for us to replicate in DecWOOD.​





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